These Makeup Bouquets Are All We Want For Valentine’s Day This Year

Forget the candy and flowers, every mom needs a makeup bouquet this year. While we love the aforementioned items, the fact is that they’re gone all too soon. Now makeup? That’s the gift that keeps on giving. So this year, drop your significant other a hint and show them some of these amazing makeup bouquets for Valentine’s Day inspo.

makeup bouquets


1. Bouquet of Brushes

A quick glance at the price tag on new blush brush will have you cringing, and that’s because a high-quality makeup brush ain’t cheap. And when you need to refresh multiple brushes in your makeup? Forget about it. A bouquet of brushes makes so much sense, and will last YEARS longer than a regular bouquet of flowers.

We found this idea at Head over for more info on this particular product, too.

makeup bouquets


2. Eye Love You

Eyes are the window to the soul and that’s why a gift focusing on them for Valentine’s Day is the perfect idea. Pack with eye basics like primer, eyebrow pencils, shadow and eye liners are something every gal could use!

Check out for more fun makeup bouquet inspiration.

makeup bouquets


3. Nail Polish Bouquet

Can I picture a husband spending time making this? No. But is it a cute idea anyways? Heck yes! Whether you get this for Valentine’s Day or end up making one for a sweet friend, this nail polish bouquet is a nice change from your typical floral arrangement.

See how this bouquet is made at

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4. Floral Mixture

Who says you can’t have ANY flowers when you have a makeup bouquet? This gorgeous gift is framed in a cute pot with some lovely blooms being the showcase, but the makeup ain’t bad either.

makeup bouquets


5. Valentine’s Kisses

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a big smooch! Tell your lady you love her lips with this amazing bouquet of lip care products. From lip liners, to gloss and lipsticks, your favorite gal will love everything about this bouquet.

Check out for 10+ more makeup bouquet ideas!

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6. Skincare Bouquet

Healthy skin is just as important as the makeup you’re about to cover it up with! A bouquet packed with goodies like your favorite face wash, creams and anti-aging products (tread lightly here, men) will make you feel beautiful, inside and out.


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makeup bouquets

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