A look inside VISVIM EXPOSITION in Los Angeles

A look inside VISVIM EXPOSITION in Los Angeles

Last week visvim broke the news about its newest label, Contrary Dept., which is to be sold exclusively at the newest retail experience, VISVIM EXPOSITION. Described as a space for all the content created by Hiroki Nakamura and the visvim team; the location will house a wide range of projects, ideas, and designs that the team has created. While the space will constantly change to showcase various installations for visvim, WMV, and F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer; VISVIM EXPOSITION will also serve as a vehicle to introduce the work of other people and entities who resonate with the ideology of the visvim. Take a look at the store above and stay tuned to see how the space will be utilized over time.


304 S Broadway,
Los Angeles, CA 90013,
United States

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