Avatar Babies: How These Avatar Awesome Avatar Baby Came About

Avatar Babies: How an Awesome Avatar Baby came about

 Still attempting to figure out how this cute Avatar babies sweep the internet while looking awesome but yet a little creepy. It first started on our hunt for awesome items then turned out this cute babies have taking the hearts of everyone.

The best part about it in fact is that they are real and available for purchase. The downside is that it cost about $2,000 USD. These dolls are made by a company called Babyclon, which is a Spanish FX company which specializes in creating realistic babies which of course can all be purchase (just like the avatar baby).

Luckily we wont have to worry about these avatar babies growing up or even replacing that puppy you always wanted. These babies are an exclusive collectable  and if you get one send a picture and get featured.


This model continues the line of our famous kit Berlin asleep, combined with the look of our renowned babies Avatar.


17 INCHES // Weigh: 2,5 KG ONLY 10 PAINTED UNITS and 40 UNPAINTED UNITS for sale.

823dcfbdc8015830c7e90d0d475158b8 Price painted and rooted: 1800 EUR // 2300 USD, worldwide shipping included. Price unpainted: 1400 EUR // 1800 USD, worldwide shipping included.


EVERY baby will be delivered within the official BABYCLON box, along with the standard accessories (pacifier, towel, pin, chip, Certificate of Authenticity and toilet bag). European orders will also include lubricant for the pacifier and shower soap.

In addition, we are adding a new present for EVERY model: an ultraviolet lamp to light up the white dots of the avatars. Extra Drink & Wet available for every model (+260 EUR // 290 USD).


From this moment, reservations for the premature Avatar Baby (model berlina-vi) are available.

Website Link : http://nin-fx.wixsite.com/clonfactory

Email us to purchase your baby today:  [email protected]

Follow Them on Facebook : @Clonfactory

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