Advisory Board Crystals x Ai Weiwei x IRC Collab

Advisory Board Crystals continues serving up bespoke layering pieces, teaming up with Ai Weiwei for a hoodie with charitable intent. Released in partnership with the International Rescue Committee and The Marciano Art Foundation, which is currently showing Weiwei’s latest exhibition, the hoodie is executed in a weighty grey melange, emblazoned with hand-applied graphics indicative of Weiwei’s “life cycle” concept.

“Establishing the understanding that we all belong to one humanity is the most essential step for how we might continue to coexist on this sphere we call Earth,” the artist explains. “There are many borders to dismantle, but the most important are the ones within our own hearts and minds—these are the borders that are dividing humanity from itself.” To underline this theme, the hoodie sports an earth graphic consisting of colorful scribbles and metallic appliqué, complemented by heart and brain graphics executed in multiple vinyls. Arrows, drawn by hand on each hoodie, further underline the bespoke nature of each piece. Meanwhile, a quartet of logos down the left side of the hoodie emphasize the collaborative nature of the garment.

The collaborative hoodie hits The Marciano Art Foundation Bookstore’s website today in an extremely limited edition of 110 pieces.

Most recently, Advisory Board Crystals debuted special merch in time for Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V.

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