Apple iPhones to Stop Including Headphone Dongle

Apple iPhones to Stop Including Headphone Dongle

Apple ignited a firestorm of controversy when the iPhone stripped away the headphone jack back in 2016, though it hasn’t slowed the tech giant’s meteoric growth. The company is now taking another step away from the accessibility, as it appears that Apple will no longer include free headphone dongles with purchase of an iPhone. Though it will likely continue to sell the “Lightning” 3.5mm jack conversion dongle, which allows users to attach headphones to their device via a cumbersome accessory, Apple’s site doesn’t list the dongle as an accessory that comes with its new iPhones.

For now, you can still buy the dongles on Apple’s website for $9 USD.

Recently, the full specs for the new iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR models were revealed.

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