Balenciaga Tree Car Feshner Lawsuit

Balenciaga Tree Car Feshner Lawsuit

After being sued by a New York souvenir company, Balenciaga is in hot water once again. According to reports, the luxury fashion is now being sued by The CAR-FRESHNER Corporation for copying its iconic tree-shaped car accessory.

The lawsuit claims that Balenciaga’s “air freshener-inspired” Pine Tree Keychains are infringing on a trademark secured back in 1952. Legal documents for the case argues that Balenciaga’s keychain design could confuse consumers despite the pricing difference. Noting the steps other companies have taken to avoid infringing on the trademark, The CAR-FRESHNER Corporation is looking to receive all profits from keychain sales so far.

No word from Balenciaga on the lawsuit, but stay tuned for more details as the story develops.

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