Bandulu Gianni Lee and D’ana Reinterpret Nike Logo

Bandulu Gianni Lee and D'ana Reinterpret Nike Logo

Bandulu Street Couture, musician and artist Gianni Lee and mixed media artist D’ana of COVL are taking the iconic Swoosh logo and making it their own. The three creatives were tapped by Nike NYC to put their own spin on the new NSW Sport Pack. Despite hailing from different cities like Boston, Philly and Miami, the artists now all call NYC home and drew inspiration from the city to create their respective designs.

Visitors of Nike SOHO will be able to pick up exclusive logo tees bearing the artists’ work, and even customize their own NSW Sport Pack apparel from Sept. 27 – Oct. 3. Get a peek at some of the upcoming designs and creative process in the Instagram post below, and head over to Nike NYC to learn more about the upcoming collaboration.

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