Best BAPE 25th Anniversary Collaboration

Best BAPE 25th Anniversary Collaboration

Starting out in the hip streets of Harajuku, Japan, BAPE has been dominating the steetwear scene since its inception back in 1993. Over the years, the label has managed to infuse its unique codes into every major city around the world, seeing everyone from celebrities, athletes and influencers alike rocking the infectious BAPE CAMO and sporting the label’s ubiquitous APE Head motif.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, BAPE held a special, multi-faceted exhibition in Space Oh in Omotesando Hills located in Tokyo, Japan over the weekend. Dubbed “BAPE XXV,” the event placed a breathtaking variety of never-before-seen works of arts and collaborations on display including pieces done alongside mastermind JAPAN, READYMADE, and long-time collaborators adidas and Medicom Toy. Along with the aforementioned brands, some surprising collaborators were also involved such as Barbie, MCM and UGG. In the center of it all, 10 Baby Milo figures designed by 10 different artists including Sk8thing, MANKEY, Stash, James Bond, Adam Lister, Michael Lau, Eric Haze, Shepard Fairey, Shinsuke Takizawa, and Tetsu Nishiyama were showcased.

The venue, which held the exhibition, saw a lavish staircase decorated in BAPE’s CITIES CAMO while a giant Baby Milo balloon hung over top in midair. Next door, a BAPE-themed café welcomed in VIP guests, offering up APE Head and Baby Milo-shaped treats; special BAPE sake, BAPE Beer and BAPE Water provided the refreshments for the night. Also on show was a branded Formula One racing car displayed outside of the luxury shopping complex.

Take a look at the best collaborations from BAPE’s “BAPE XXV” Exhibition below and stay tuned for our exclusive interviews with the artists.

1. Medicom Toy [email protected]

The exhibition wouldn’t be complete without a few special edition [email protected] This time the streetwear favorite collectable featured a collaborative effort between Social Status and artist Hebru Brantley dressed as the Chicago-based artist’s Flyboy character mixed in with the look of BAPE’s Shark Face motif. Featured on the back is co-branding from both BAPE and Hebru Brantley along with Social Status.

Along with the Hebru Brantley-designed 1000% [email protected], the label introduced a colorful, metallic iteration. Featuring pops of pink, green, blue, yellow, red, orange, gold and silver, a final APE Head motif is placed on the statue’s belly. Both versions come in 100%, 400% and a 1000% sizes and were made available for pre-order at the exhibition. Each [email protected] will then hit select retailers, such as Medicom Toy’s online shop and Tokyo Sky Tree Town this Saturday, October 6.

2. adidas Football Capsule

The Japanese stalwart once again teams up with the German giant on a soon-to-be-coveted capsule. This special collection is comprised of a football jersey, pigskin football, helmet and two signature adidas footwear silhouettes: the UltraBOOST and Adizero 5-Star cleat. Each piece in the collection is covered in BAPE’s signature CAMO and features gold-accented co-branding throughout. Finally a special American flag-styled APE Head motif has been designed for these collaborative items, seeing STA motifs in lieu of the flag’s regular stars. This BAPE x adidas Football capsule is rumored to drop on February 2, 2019, just ahead of Super Bowl LIII.

3. G-SHOCK Watch

Created especially for BAPE’s 25th anniversary, this exclusive BAPE x G-SHOCK model takes design cues from the latter’s OG GA-110 silhouette. The watch is then wrapped in BAPE’s signature 1ST CAMO design, while gold detailing comes in on the face and back of the watch. “BAPE” and “G-SHOCK” branding and the label’s ubiquitous APE head motif can also be found throughout. This special BAPE x G-SHOCK 25th anniversary model was made available for pre-order at BAPE’s “BAPE XXV” Exhibition and will then hit all BAPE locations on Saturday, October 6 for ¥32,000 + taxes (approximately $284 USD + taxes).

4. Wilson Tennis Collection

Teased earlier this summer, the full BAPE x Wilson Tennis collection was on display at the exhibition. The three-piece capsule is comprised of a tennis racquet drenched in BAPE’s 1ST CAMO, co-branded tennis balls and a T-shirt. Featured on the tee is a special APE Head logo decorated to look like the strings found on a tennis racket’s head. Stay tuned for an official release date for the BAPE x Wilson Tennis collection.

5. Mitchell & Ness Basketball Jersey Collection and Spalding Ball

Colorful camo basketball jerseys made in conjunction with vintage jersey company Mitchell & Ness and a ball made by American sporting goods company Spalding were also part of the collaborative festivities. On display were eight of NBA’s favorite teams including the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Huston Rockets and the Portland Trailblazers. Each piece has been dressed in vibrant signature BAPE camo in a variety of colors such as yellow, red, blue, green and white. Finally an APE Head, NBA logo, and the team’s respective insignia finishes off the looks of each exclusive jersey. Over to the leather Spalding basketball, BAPE’s 1ST CAMO wraps around the full body, while white takes on the linear details and co-branding. Stay tuned for an official release date for the BAPE x Spalding collection.

6. Montblanc “Meisterstück” Pen

For lovers of luxe, this Montblanc “Meisterstück” pen is sure to capture your attention. This exclusive German luxury writing instrument was carefully made by craftsmen in Kyoto and assembled at Montblanc’s writing instrument workshop in Hamburg, Germany. The “Meisterstück” has been dressed in 1ST CAMO on its barrel and cap while gold-plated elements are featured throughout including the pen’s nib. Small diamonds also decorate the cap’s top. Designed especially for BAPE’s 25th Anniversary, unfortunately this BAPE x Montblanc pen is not for sale.

7. F.C Real Bristol Collection

SOPHNET.’s football-inspired imprint, FC Real Bristol, teamed up with BAPE on a two-piece football kit collection. For those looking to take their football-inspired looks from the pitch to the streets, both tops have been styled with a multi-colored BAPE camo gradient featured on either a black or white color option. Each top then features F.C Real Bristol’s badge on the left chest, an APE Head on the right, and finally “F.C.R.BAPE” on the kit’s center. Look for the BAPE x F.C Real Bristol football kits to release soon.

8. Swarovski

When looking to add a bit of flair to its items, BAPE continuously turns to Swarovski and its array of delicately crafted crystals. For its big birthday celebration, Swarovski covered two BAPEX timepieces in numerous bronze- and silver-colored stones. A pair of Swarovski-covered BAPE STAs were also on display along with a meticulously-formed Baby Milo figurine and a large APE Head showpiece.