Canada Goose Tactical Collection Hits Totokaelo

Canada Goose Tactical Collection Hits Totokaelo

On the heels of a jacket-centric Fall/Winter 2018 collaboration Junya Watanabe, Canada Goose is teaming up with luxury outfit Totokaelo to bring the Tactical Collection to the public.

The Canada Goose Tactical Collection is made up of high-quality performance outerwear, and was originally created to serve the needs of Canadian law enforcement. Taking the Tactical Collection’s pieces to the shelves of Totokaelo, Canada Goose will bring the line to the public commercial market for the very first time.

Canada Goose and Totokaelo’s new partnership is defined as the “crossover of function and fashion;” to commemorate the Tactical Collection’s retail debut, New York-based multi-media artist Johannes VanDerBeek — selected by Totokaelo — has also crafted a special sculpture that delivers an artistic interpretation of that approach. Dubbed Under the Moon Leaf, the piece spotlights the connection between “mankind and nature at its most extreme.”

“I definitely wanted to make something that would play off the space by picking up on the patterns of the clothes and the granite walls of the building. Some of that is reflected in the materials I used, like the marbleized concrete and metal mesh that I paint on like an industrial fabric. But this project felt like a chance to make an alternate landscape within the store, one comprised of a series of objects with their own meandering visual references and tones,” VanDerBeek explains in an exclusive interview with Totokaelo.

“I was thinking that both Canada Goose and Totokaelo have a footing in how clothes affect the way we navigate the outside world, so I wanted to play with that idea of being immersed in a landscape that is shifting and nebulous,” he adds. “We all move through so many different cultural and physical territories on a daily basis, and clothes become a way to stand out or blend in with those surroundings. I’m hoping the piece reflects a bit of that blurring between the outside and inner worlds that we navigate.”

You can take a look at the Canada Goose Tactical Collection above, and head on over to Totokaelo to purchase pieces from the line.

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