CÎROC Black Raspberry Vodka HYPEFEST Recap

CÎROC Black Raspberry Vodka HYPEFEST Recap

With booths developed by the industry’s most sought-after brands, alongside informational talks, HYPEFESET created physical, intimate experiences for all things related to our site. Throughout the happening, CÎROC setup bars to provide spectators a taste of the new drink possibilities that can be made with its new limited-edition Black Raspberry vodka. While curating moments of repose for guests, the vodka brand was also on site to capture the dynamism of the experience and first impressions from the eyes of the most noteworthy attendees, such as Mike Cherman and Sarah Andelman. As some reveled in the unique experience that mixed art, design and music, many within the HYPEBEAST community found the event as a way to take online bonds offline.

Watch the recap above, and head over to CÎROC‘s website learn more about its endeavors.

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