Daily Paper & What We Wear Collaborative Capsule

Daily Paper & What We Wear Collaborative Capsule

Amsterdam-based brand, Daily Paper, and London imprint, What We Wear, recently joined forces on a collaborative capsule due to hit a themed pop-up event later this week. In preparing for the collection, both parties explored uniforms in great detail, studying the compatibility, anonymity, and consistencies of such a concept, all while toying with the notion of facing danger in a combat-style setting. Utilized as a protective barrier against hostile forces, the collection’s silhouettes draw influence from body armor as a way to effectively protect its inner being.

Much of the collection is fashioned from heat reactive elements, gradually transitioning from grey to a neon orange palette as the temperature spikes upward — in a sense reflective of army-style flight bombers. Progressive outerwear, patterned button-down shirts, cargo-style trousers, printed hoodies, amongst others, front the lookbook, properly setting the stage for the duo’s apocalyptic-style collection. The joint capsule will make its debut on October 12 at Daily Paper’s upcoming Shoreditch-based pop-up.

In other fashion news, UNDEFEATED & Budweiser co-created a themed apparel collection.

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