DRx Romanelli and SMETS Rework Military Gear for Camouflage Collection

Dr. Romanelli has joined forces with Belgium retailer SMETS and artist Stefan Meier to unveil a new collection inspired by camouflage and its history. Reworking vintage military gear, the lineup includes upcycled MA-1 jackets, backpacks and fanny packs, along with tees and sweatshirts highlighting Meier’s interpretation of the iconic pattern. The artist also created custom canvases as backdrops for the installation and a book around camo, which served as a reference for the overall capsule.

“Throughout this process I referred to camouflage in nature. Thinking of how camouflage has contributed to the evolution and survival of human kind and what type of camouflage we need today and in the future,” said Meier.

The collaboration sees a unique melding of art, design and history, which SMETS buying director Pascaline Smets envisions as a crucial component in pushing the fashion industry forward.

“We are so very proud to collaborate with DrX Romanelli x Stefan Meier, both artists represent a vision for the future, taking with them a knowledge of the past all the while developing a new creative process, ” quoted Smets.

Take a look at the installation above and scroll through the gallery to get a closer look at the individual pieces. In case you missed it, be sure to also check out Dr. Romanelli’s mashup of two Supreme x COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT Hoodies.


Daniel Arsham "Static Mythologies" Galerie Ron Mandos

Daniel Arsham “Static Mythologies” Galerie Ron Mandos

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