Every Piece From the HUMAN MADE x KFC Collab

Every Piece From the HUMAN MADE x KFC Collab

Recently teasing its upcoming collection, the NIGO-helmed imprint, HUMAN MADE, provides a closer look at its collaboration with the fast-food chain KFC.

Delving into the KFC archives for design inspiration, the line incorporates the aesthetics of the Japanese label through a referential lens and the basis of the color palette includes a KFC-centric red, white and black. Maintaining HUMAN MADE’s attention to detail, quality and its Americana leanings, the 11-piece set mirrors the ubiquitous ”herbs and spices” count. Printed on HUMAN MADE threads, the tees, accessories, bags and headwear bear a throwback iteration of the restaurant’s iconic Colonel logo, alongside text and graphic prints alluding to both imprints. Outerwear staples, such as the hoodie and jackets, feature ornate embellishments and patterned accents to further the connection to the fried chicken purveyor.

Slide through the lookbook above to see the complete line and stop by the one-day pop-up shop on November 16 in New York City. NIGO will be in attendance. A second release will take place at HBX and at HUMAN MADE in Tokyo on November 23.

242 E 14th St
New York, NY
11AM – 6PM

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