Fabien Montique Creative Process Interview Video

Photographer Fabien Montique has established himself in the fashion and music industries for his street style aesthetics for a myriad of brands and beautiful portraits that have captured the likes of Pusha T and Kanye West.

Speaking with him before his latest photo shoot, he recalled living a sheltered life in his home of Barbados. As a result, the creative found himself assuming a role that was “expected” for him and many of peers on the island. Presented with limited options, Montique was given the choice between pursuing a lifetime of medicine or technology, both which he didn’t feel was for him. While going through his studies, he became restless in academia until he got his hands on an American fashion magazine. Galvanized by an editorial spread, he felt an awakening from those pages, thus causing him to reposition and dedicate himself to a life of photography. Exploring his creative journey, Ray-Ban‘s “Breaking the Mold” series delves into his process and passion behind chasing that first creative high and subsequent new experiences through photography.

Watch the video above and be sure to check out Ray-Ban’s website to shop its optical collection displayed in the visuals. Also, be sure to check the artist’s work capturing the eyewear brand’s latest collection.

Guess i'll nap. : WhitePeopleTwitter

Guess i’ll nap. : WhitePeopleTwitter

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