FACT. Fall/Winter 2018 Flips Joy Division Lyrics

FACT. Fall/Winter 2018 Flips Joy Division Lyrics

Blending the worlds of rave culture and post-punk, FACT.‘s Fall/Winter 2018 collection delivers another range of referential items. Following Spring/Summer 2018’s New Order nods, FACT. taps that band’s forerunner: Joy Division. Ian Curtis’ iconic “Dance, Dance, Dance to the Radio” refrain from “Transmission” is flipped into a tribute to the Roland TB-303, a cornerstone of acid house music. A torn smiley face accompanies the print, a subtle twist on Hardcore Happiness concept. Elsewhere, other T-shirts and hoodies sport strips of color, photographs of cassette tapes, a salute to New York’s Danceteria and aggressive slogans like “MUSIC IS A WEAPON.” A military parka surfaces as the key piece, boasting more smiley faces, “FACT” patches and complementary prints

Shop the new collection on FACT.’s website and stockists around the globe.

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