Hey, Quick Question: What Is Gucci Doing with All These Aliens?

Welcome to our column, “Hey, Swift Dilemma,” the place we look into seemingly random happenings in the fashion and splendor industries. Love!

We have become made use of to viewing some, shall we say, strange ad strategies coming from Gucci given that Alessandro Michele took the innovative reins at the Italian property. But all of them pale in comparison to regardless of what is occurring on the brand’s Instagram account currently. 

Making use of the hashtag #GucciandBeyond, the new videos element products painted in metallic makeup, donning an alien mask or, in the situation of a single (lucky?) human, dressed merely as a very trendy particular person from Earth. Dressed in Gucci’s Slide 2017 collection, they look to be auditioning for some type of role in front of a eco-friendly screen, repeating strains like, “If I’m correct, this is a Kivordian time portal, a gateway to other moments and proportions. It could acquire us to any place in background!” Alright, guaranteed!

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