Lontex Sues Nike for Copying Cool Compression Line

According to reports, Nike has been sued by Pennsylvania-based sportswear brand Lontex for copying its signature Cool Compression apparel line. Filing a trademark infringement and unfair competition lawsuit, Lontex is looking for $2 million USD per item infringed, along with legal fees.

Lontex originally contacted Nike back in 2015 after it began selling its own line of Cool Compression garments and accessories. Court documents are noting that the sportswear giant originally agreed to cease its production and sales of its line but to this day Nike Cool Compression is still being sold. Lontex is now calling Nike’s continued sales “malicious, fraudulent, deliberate and willful, and taken in bad faith.”

No word from Nike and Lontex at the moment, but stay tuned for more developments as the story unfolds.

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