Martin Asbjørn Copenhagen Fashion Week SS19 Show

Martin Asbjørn Copenhagen Fashion Week SS19 Show

The Spring/Summer 2019 iteration of Copenhagen Fashion Week has officially come to a close, and with that, we now take a backstage look at Martin Asbjørn’s latest seasonal offering. Embracing warm shades of yellow, brown, purple and blue with traces of red sporadically tossed in, the Danish-based designer imaginatively blurred the line between heritage sportswear and relaxed formalwear, applying artistic tweaks here and there, displaying style codes reminiscent to what we have seen in seasons past.

For instance, an assortment of zippered track tops peek out from beneath crewneck pullovers, with hoodies receiving the same treatment being tucked behind printed T-shirts. Track pants, too, take on creative twists, with some spotlighting asymmetrical striped designs running down the side, while others get paired with braided shoelace-style belts. Revere-collared shirts and jackets were also highlighted prominently throughout, landing on boxy-shouldered blazers, zippered Harrington-esque jackets and button-down shirts. As far as accessories go, the label called attention to a spattering of woven net carryalls — in backpack, hand carry and cross-body renditions — which helped accentuate several of the featured looks.

In case you missed it, here are some of the best street style looks we found at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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