Must Read: Watch Slick Woods Goof Off in 'Love' Good Friday Video, Rochas and OAMC Join Chambre Syndicale

Slick Woods stars in Enjoy‘s Good Friday movie
Like most of the magazine’s seasonal movies, it really is a bit of a reach to declare this Phil Poynter-directed bit is connected to the holiday getaway at hand. But design Slick Woods appears to be so fantastic dancing around in menswear and a leather-based corset from labels like Zana Bayne and DSquared that we are guessing lots of viewers will be prepared to forget about that. Enjoy

French fashion‘s Chambre Syndicale welcomes OAMC and Rochas Homme
The menswear arm of the French trend governing system noticed the two manufacturers sign up for as entire-fledged members under the organization’s new administration board. Chambre Syndicale also re-elected Christian Dior Couture CEO Sidney Toledano as president and Paul Smith‘s Isabel Ribeiro as vice president. WWD

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