NEIGHBORHOOD Taps Cali Thornhill Dewitt For a Text-Heavy Capsule Collection

NEIGHBORHOOD Taps Cali Thornhill Dewitt For a Text-Heavy Capsule Collection

No stranger to collaboration, NEIGHBORHOOD recently tapped California-based creative Cali Thornhill Dewitt for a new capsule collection.

Tapping into Dewitt’s influence in LA’s underground scene since ’90s and constant place in street culture, the special range captures a distinct tone of defiance. Graphics utilized throughout sport a choice photographic edge displaying enigmatic close-ups and evocative scenery. Comprised of coach jackets, T-shirts and sweatpants, the capsule is tied together by the aforementioned bold prints and “CTD” and “NBHD” collaborative initialing.

No official drop notes just yet, but stay tuned for more details regarding the release of the Cali Thornhill Dewitt x NEIGHBORHOOD capsule collection.

For more contemporary fashion, EMPTY R _ _ M recently announced an archive grail pop-up in Seoul.

NEIGHBORHOOD×Cali Thornhill Dewitt – – – Los Angelesを拠点に活動するアーティスト、”カリ・ソーンヒル・デウィット”との初となるコラボレーションアイテムをリリース。90年代のLAアンダーグランドシーンのカリスマであり、長年にわたりLAのストリートカルチャーを見続けてきた”CALI”が表現するメッセージ性の強い”プラスティックサイン”シリーズの中から、ネイバーフッドが5種類の作品をセレクト。 コーチジャケットや、Tシャツを始めとするネイバーフッドオリジナルのベースに”CALI”の作品を落とし込み、お互いのイニシャルである、”CTD”、”NBHD”を随所に配置したアート性の高いスポットコレクションとなっている。 – – – NEIGHBORHOOD collaborated with LA based artist Cali Thornhill Dewitt for the first time. Having been influential artist in the LA underground scene since the 90s and a fixture in LA’s street culture, NEIGHBORHOOD chose five of Cali’s message based artworks to use in this spot collection. This artistic spot collection includes coach jackets, T-shirts and other NEIGHBORHOOD original pieces with Cali’s art, and also features the initials of both collaborators “CTD” and “NBHD” on all items. – – – Model: Camille @camillegarmendia , Hector Photo: Cali Thornhill Dewitt @caramelbobby Hairmake:Sachiko Omori @sachikoomori – – – #calithornhilldewitt #neighborhood #nbhd #craftwithpride

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