Oneohtrix Point Never Debuts DSM-Exclusive Merch

Oneohtrix Point Never, the musical alter ego of Daniel Lopatin, gears up to release new music with a special merch collection. Two collaborations, one with Harmony Korine and another with Jerry Hsu’s Sci-Fi Fantasy, yield special designs exclusive to a limited pop-up. The range’s imagery ties in with OPN’s musical output, as the artist himself explains.

“Harmony’s designs were based on images I sent him for makeup/character inspiration when he was originally slated to play Puppet X in the “Black Snow” video,” said Lopatin. “He sent them back as original art he made.” Korine’s creations sport “opn” branding on the front and photographs of the unsettling makeup on the rear, complete with scratchy Oneohtrix Point Never branding.

Meanwhile, the Sci-Fi Fantasy items emblazon the brand’s own logo across a trio of T-shirts, with accompanying dots that recall the artwork for OPN’s Age Of & myRiad. “The white squares … [represent] the 9 AI sentinels of the singularity,” Lopatin noted. “They envelop everything they encounter, including Jerry Hsu’s magnificent logo.”

The drop goes down at Avi Gold’s Better™ Gift Shop at Dover Street Market Los Angeles on November 23, the same day that Oneohtrix Point Never releases his new Love In The Time Of Lexapro EP. The release will offer what Lopatin describes as “hand picked accessories, tchotchkes and talismans from the world of Age Of.” Check out the finalized video for “Black Snow” below.

Recently, rare Korine artwork was made available to view on Gagosian’s website.

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