Purlicue's 2017 Spring/Summer Collection Challenges Conventional Ideas of Design

Purlicue has just produced a lookbook for its 2017 spring/summer time selection. The variety features a broad variety of pieces that will bode perfectly with some of today’s best model traits. Also known as “The Fake” selection, the whole roster is basically a rip on a lot of designer Su WuKou’s preferred goods from other brand names. According to the label:

The only primary design from “The Fake” selection, is the hangtag that arrives with the pieces. The hangtag includes the styles of a non-made piece from the selection, which will allow customers to create a garment which is one more diploma of plagiarizing.

It is a really bold shift by the design home but in this working day in age wherever parodies and ironic collaborations are huge in the industry, collections like these are not much too shocking.

Take a look at the images over and store the full lineup listed here.

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