Slick Rick Flexes His Famous Jewelry Collection

Slick Rick Flexes His Famous Jewelry Collection

Slick Rick recently showed off his impressive jewelry collection in a video interview with GQ magazine. The New York City rapper is known his famous lineup of giant pendants, extravagant chains and iced-out eye patches, all of which have made him an icon of hip-hop jewelry.

In the video, Slick Rick talks about his first ring from the ’80s inspired by his love of Mr. T, his various pieces from Jacob the Jeweler such as an ever-expanding Rolex watch, a blinged-out eye patch his wife bought for him for his 40th birthday, and a huge Libra plate that he purchased in NYC Chinatown despite him being a Capricorn.

Watch Slick Rick give a tour of his jewelry collection in the video above and share your thoughts in the comments.

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