So, You're Not Going to the Met Gala? These 57 Online Sales Will Counteract the FOMO

*N.E.R.D. voice* All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom. Photo: @voguemagazine/Instagram@voguemagazine/Instagram“/>

*N.E.R.D. voice* All the ladies standing in the line for the lavatory. Image: @voguemagazine/Instagram

Assuming you have obtain to a calendar, you happen to be in all probability effectively aware that May possibly is following week, which means, so is the Met Gala. The 1st Monday in May possibly isn’t going to arrive with no its stressors — for us listed here at Fashionista, all those ordinarily consider the type of absolutely unwieldy, two hundred-slide slideshows — but there’s also that additional layer recognizing that we’ll never get to a amount exactly where we’ll get invited ourselves. (Little violin, etc.) But all those who cannot do, store, and that is precisely what we program on doing this weekend to assuage our FOMO. Be part of us, shall you?

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