UNDERCOVER Presents an Otherworldly Collection for 2017 Fall

Following up to his 2017 drop menswear collection, which delivered commentary on the existing “brainwashed” technology, UNDERCOVER’s Jun Takahashi returns with a different believed-provoking clearly show in Paris for his newest all set-to-use line. “In an ideal world, every person would be equivalent,” he instructed Vogue backstage. This idea resulted in him generating his have culture, entire with aristocrats, clergymen and even animal-like creatures with butterfly-winged and feathery appendages emanating from their heads. Instead of concentrating on the separation of courses, his utopia highlighted uniqueness in an eccentric and whimsical way that the Japanese designer has gained a track record for. Nevertheless, to say that his design is predictable is something but correct, as evidenced by the amazing types that superior down the runway in part of a deliberate narrative.

Set to a soundtrack by Thom Yorke, ornate headdresses and exaggerated Bishop sleeves were layered with colourful knits and honeycomb pleated skirts. Details incorporated tapestry-affected textures, meticulously created jackets and belts with a variety of insignia indicating the members’ job inside of the fictional world. Acquire a search at some of Takahashi’s ingenious creations through the images earlier mentioned.

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