Uniqlo UT Teases Andy Warhol & MIckey Mouse Tees

Uniqlo UT Teases Andy Warhol & MIckey Mouse Tees

Though it recently ended its partnership with Shonen Jump, Uniqlo UT still has plenty of collaborations in store. Indeed, the Japanese fast fashion giant’s T-shirt line is celebrating the shared 90th birthday of both Andy Warhol and Mickey Mouse with a special release. Both the artist and iconic Disney character were born in 1928, and Uniqlo has prepared an expansive collaboration to commemorate the event. Men’s and women’s T-shirts, hooded sweater dresses and kid’s shirts all sport prints of Warhol’s signature Mickey Mouse 265 artwork, sourced from the “Myths” series debuted in 1981. Expect the clothing to arrive in a variety of hues beyond the painting’s familiar black and yellow hues.

Expect the collaborative gear to hit Uniqlo’s website on September 20, right in between Warhol (August 6) and Mickey’s (November 28) birthdays.

Meanwhile, Cristophe Lemaire’s latest Uniqlo U collection recently hit store shelves.

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