10 Adorable Gender Reveal Party Cakes

The ever popular gender reveal cake has been a staple on the dessert tables of many a baby shower. Whether or not the shower is specifically “reveal” themed, incorporating a gender reveal cake is a great way to add a little bit of fun and tons of mystery to any party. Much like babies themselves, gender reveal cakes are different, unique, and totally adorable. Some feature an adorable little saying while others are spunky and minimalist, pink, blue, or neutral, these cakes are going to give you a serious case of heart eyes.


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1. Perfectly Subtle

It doesn’t get any more classic than simple polka dots on a white backdrop. This simple cake not only looks ridiculously delicious, but it’s subtle and cute enough go with any party decor and the small splattering of blue frosting on the inside is just the ride side of low key.

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2. Creative and Non-Traditional

If you get the sudden urge to ditch the pink and blue altogether and go with something completely off the wall, this cake is perfect! The cute little phrase combines with the gorgeous beehive inspired cake makes one adorable little pun.

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3. Cute As A Baby’s…

A baby shower isn’t a baby shower without a little potty humor, and this cake is definitely indicative of that. Pink and blue frosting roses split down the middle and topped by a diapered little baby butt and chubby little feet. It literally doesn’t get any more adorable than this cake.

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