10 Easy Dinners To Leave For The Babysitter

Date night has finally arrived, and you couldn’t be happier at the prospect of spending an evening out and a dinner without complaints or little fingers eating off your plate. Then it hits you. In the euphoria of not having to plan and slave over dinner at home, you’ve completely neglected to have something ready for the babysitter! This happens to me pretty much every time we are lucky enough to have a sitter, and you’ve probably experienced it too. Next time you’re headed for a night out with your spouse, use this handy list of easy dinners that are perfect to leave for the sitter.


1. Frozen Pizza

Let’s start this list off easy, shall we? For some reason, parents tend to feel bad for leaving frozen pizza for the sitter and kids. Let me tell you something- everyone loves pizza and especially kids who don’t get to eat it often! Quit trying to be gourmet, or fancy or just high maintenance and buy the frozen pizza! Not all pizza is “junk food” so look for some with extra veggies, or whatever it is that makes you feel better and then go and enjoy your date night.


2. Baked Potato Bar

Baked potatoes are a great dinner choice and can be an activity for the kids too. Get their favorite toppings and let them put whatever they want! Before heading out, pop some baker potatoes in the oven and instruct the sitter how to safely remove them. Then the kids can have a good ole time topping them!


3. Quesadillas

If you don’t want your sitter around the stove or oven while you’re gone, then give them fixings for microwave quesadillas. You can leave out meat, cheese and veggies and not feel bad for leaving unhealthy food.

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