10 Healthy And Tasty After School Snacks

The first weeks of school are right around the corner! There are so many things to prepare and plan before school begins. One of the harder things that’s often overlooked is the after school snacks. Most kids want to reach for a bag of chips or cookies, but although we love the convenience, most of us would prefer our children to also choose healthy snacks! We want to help you prepare for easy, HEALTHY after school snacks to keep on hand for your children to enjoy after a long day at school. Here are 10 simple and healthy after school snack ideas:

healthy after school snacks

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1. Hummus and chips

Almost every grocery store these days sells hummus — for good reason! It’s a great go-to healthy snack option! It is filling yet also light. Hummus comes in different flavors and is full of protein! Combine with veggies, pretzels or chips for a delicious snack everyone will love. Do you want to make sure it tastes fresh? Then, make your own! You can find a hummus recipe and more at gimmesomeoven.com.

healthy after school snacks

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2. Fruit salad

Ever since my kids started watching the children’s show The Wiggles, they have been obsessed with the idea of fruit salad! I have made this dish with a variety of fruits. You can pretty much never go wrong. Grab what fruits you have in your fridge, chop them up, and place together for a colorful, healthy after-school snack! For a fancier version of fruit salad with an orange, poppy seed syrup, check out natashaskitchen.com. There you will also find classic Ukrainian food and easy step-by-step photos and recipes!

Remember, one great thing about fruit salad is that you can save the leftovers for an easy, morning smoothie!

healthy after school snacks

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3. Avocado, turkey, and cheese on crackers

During the summer, avocado, turkey, and cheese on crackers is one of our regular lunch combos. But during the school year, it makes a wonderful after-school snack! Try different combos of cheese until you find the right one for each child! Then have that cheese on hand, ready-to-make!

Check out kraftrecipes.com for tips and ideas to use Kraft cheese in simple recipes.

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