10 Kid-Friendly Dinners For Even The Most Picky Eaters

If you have a child who is a picky eater, it can turn an otherwise fun meal time into the worst time of the day. No mother wants to think their child is starving, nor give in and only give their kids unhealthy, yet tasty foods they know they won’t turn down. Picky eaters emerge around 18 months (if you’re lucky to put it off that long) and can hold out until adulthood if they have enough endurance. As my pediatrician has reminded me, it’s important to remember your kids will not starve themselves and they will eat when they’re hungry. So, until they decide to open their palette, just focus on making what little food they consume is healthy and that they have a good attitude towards food in general. You don’t have to provide a separate meal for your picky eater, because we’ve found some great dinner options that the whole family will enjoy.


Source: EMeals.com

1. Chicken Fajitas

Whether you have a Mexican themed night of the week when it comes to dinner or not, these quick Chicken Fajitas will be a welcome addition to your menu. You can actually do any meat you want, not just chicken, and add tons of tasty veggies. Kids will love being able to choose their own toppings and you can rest easy knowing they are getting protein and vitamins!

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