10 “Momosa” Recipes Perfect For Ladies Brunch

You’ve probably heard of a mimosa. But what about a momosa? Take a classic drink, add some domestic flair (a.k.a. different ingredients that moms love), and voila! You’ve got yourself a sweet little something for moms to enjoy with their friends. Some moms like having girls night out, and some enjoy a more relaxed environment- something like brunch.

I personally love getting together with my girlfriends and chatting about the ups and downs of life and motherhood over food and drinks. I don’t indulge in alcoholic beverages often, but a good fruity drink can often be too much to resist. For your next girls get together, try one of these 10 delicious momosa recipes.

Source: No Spoon Necessary

1. Mango & Raspberry Momosa

Not only is this drink delicious, but it looks like a sunset! When a drink is almost too pretty to enjoy, you know it has to be good! This recipe requires a bit more preparation than traditional momosa recipes, but it’ll be worth the extra time.

Pop over to No Spoon Necessary and follow culinary school graduate Cheyanne, who shares recipes for more yummy things to make.

Source: Pizzazzerie

2. Cherry Momosa

I can’t help but compare this recipe to a Shirley Temple. I love that drink! This is like the “grown up” version, and it’s a fine choice for brunch. Top with cherries, and serve with chocolate for a super sweet treat with a touch of tart!

For more ideas on entertaining in style, check out Pizzazzerie.

.Source: Wicked Spatula

3. Mexican Pomegranate Momosa

Want to serve something for brunch with a cultural spin? This Mexican pomegranate momosa is sure to be a hit. It would be great for a Cinco de Mayo (or Cinco de Mom-o) celebration, don’t you think? It looks so pretty, too. I love the pink color!

Get all the details on this drink, and discover tons of gluten-free/paleo recipes over at Wicked Spatula.

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