10 Simple Dinner Ideas To Bring A New Mom

Food is a universal language. It heals the body and soul, and is one way many people show their love for family and friends. We bring meals to people who are sick, going through a tough time and for new parents. Taking food to another person gives them that much more time to recuperate and focus on other things. One of my favorite times to take meals to friends is when they have a baby. There’s nothing like bringing home a new baby and sometimes a hot meal is all you need to survive a sleepless night or a crying newborn. If you need a list of some easy meals to take to your new mom friends, then check out some of these tasty recipes!


Source: PinchOfYum.com

1. Chicken Tamale Pie

Meals that are contained in 1 dish are great to take to new moms and dads. You can choose to make the meal ahead of time, or put all the ingredients together and provide baking instructions. This Chicken Tamale Pie is a hearty and flavorful fish dish that will fill up your new parents and give them much needed energy. The meat, cheese and seasonings will be a big hit!

Head over to PinchOfYum.com for this recipe and 9 other great ideas for new mom meals recipes.


Source: TodaysParent.com

2. Cheesy Chicken Noodle Casserole

Casseroles get a bad rap sometimes because they are notorious for being fattening. However, a new mom often needs extra calories because she’s breastfeeding or just because she’s tired beyond recognition and a casserole does your body good. This casserole is perfect for new parents because you can make it fresh for them, or make it ahead of time and put in their freezer so they can bring it out when they need to. It’s got a nice assortment of protein and carbs and will fill them right up.

The recipe for this tasty dish can be found at TodaysParent.com, along with 7 other great meal ideas for new moms!


Source: RingAroundTheRosies.net

3. Lasagna

A huge dish of lasagna will be well received by any new parent. Who doesn’t love a good, carby and cheesy meal? You can assemble the lasagna before hand and write a sweet note with directions on the foil covering the meal. Grab some bread and a premade salad and you’re good to go! This is a great option if you don’t have a ton of time to slave away in the kitchen, but want to bring a great meal to a friend.

Visit RingAroundTheRosies.net for this lasagna recipe and some other great options for freezer meals.

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