10 Tasty Easter Treats

As with any holiday, there are so many ways to be creative with your food and treats. Easter is no exception. In fact I think Easter might actually be one of my favorites due to the bright spring colors and adorable baby animals. I mean, nothing is cuter than little fluffy chicks or baby bunnies. I rounded up some amazing treats to indulge your sweet tooth with this Easter.


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1. Easter Oreo Bark

This is a perfect treat to have the kiddos help make. It’s quick and not techincally difficult at all. They will enjoy making it almost as much as they will eating it. Almost. Just melt down some white chocolate, throw in some crushed Oreo’s, Easter themed M&M’s and sprinkles and put it in the fridge to set. Easy peasy, and delicious!

Make sure you check out www.lilluna.com for more fun holiday themed recipes and DIY’s.


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2. Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles

If you see cookie dough and immediately think raw eggs, have no fear! This recipe does not include eggs and is totally safe, and not to mention, melt in the mouth delicious. It even comes with a free printable so you can bag them up and give them away as an Easter treat. If you can bring yourself to part with them, that is.

Head over to www.wineandglue.com for some easy 5 ingredient recipes and much more!


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3. Bunny Dirt Cups

Dirt cups are always a winner with the kiddos. They are so much fun and taste yummy. These bunny cup have a slight twist on the original crushed Oreo with chocolate graham crackers but taste equally delicious. You can customize your topping with whatever you want but nothing says Easter like peeps and chocolate eggs.

Check out www.azestybite.com for recipes for the whole family.

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