5 Spicy Pepper Cocktails To Enjoy This Summer

Move over sweet, fruit-infused cocktails––there’s a new cocktail in town and it’s all about the SPICE! Pepper Cocktails are hitting center stage this summer and they’re going to cool you off and heat you up, all at the same time. We’ve rounded up some delicious and unlikely pairings of black pepper and your favorite liquor. Drink up!

pepper cocktails

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1. Black Peppercorn & Cranberry Shrub Cocktail

Despite being loaded with cranberries, we are firm believers this cocktail can be enjoyed the entire year––not just during the holidays. Embrace the earthy taste of tart cranberries mellowed with spicy peppercorns, then cut with some gin. You can make a huge batch of the shrub cocktail and store for up to a week for on the spot cocktails!

Snag the recipes from WithLoveAndFood.com

pepper cocktails

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2. Poi Dog

The title of this drink doesn’t really give away all the goodness. In fact, it’s made from a homemade Thai basil and black peppercorn syrup that is allowed to rest overnight. It’s then combined with vodka, yuzu citrus and grapefruit juice and enjoyed out of a black pepper rimmed glass.

You can find this taste of Hawaii at EdibleHi.com.


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3. Black Beauty

This Keto-friendly cocktail is one to put in your constant rotation. The unlikely combo of blackberries, vodka, mint and black pepper make this drink not only gorgeous, but carb-friendly and delicious too.

Head to PeaceLoveAndLowCarb.com to see more cocktails to fit in your Keto diet.

pepper cocktails

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4. Cucumber Lime Black Pepper Cocktail

This cocktail is light on the pepper and perfect if you’re new to the spicy beverage scene. Made from gin, St. Germain, lime juice and slice of cucumber, black pepper is merely sprinkled on top before thoroughly enjoying. This would be perfect to enjoy on a hot summer day!

Check out how easy this is to make at AHealthyLifeForMe.com.

pepper cocktails

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5. Strawberry Margaritas with Cilantro and Black Pepper

Never fear, margarita lovers, black pepper is here! This is not your store-bought margarita mix, because it’s made with coriander, cilantro and black pepper making it out of this world! Homemade strawberry margaritas that are made with fresh lime and strawberries are combined with a flavorful cilantro and black pepper simple syrup for a truly unique cocktail.

Check out BrooklynSupper.com for this recipe- you don’t want to miss it!


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5 Spicy Pepper Cocktails To Enjoy This Summer

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