6 Sushi Bowl Recipes You Can Make At Home

You have to be super brave (and super careful) to attempt making sushi at home. Even then, a lot of the sushi recipes online are modified for your health and safety, making them pretty different from the stuff you find at your favorite sushi restaurant. Luckily, deconstructed food is super on trend right now. People are taking inspiration from everything from spring rolls to falafel and using the traditional ingredients to make something just as delicious but a lot more simple These sushi bowl recipes may not be wrapped in seaweed or prepared by a world-renowned chef but they are super easy for you to create, always safe to eat, and crazy delicious!

Sushi Bowl

Source: cookingclassy.com

1. California Sushi Roll Bowl

The classic California Roll is given a deconstructed makeover in this awesome recipe. The entire recipe is super simple, using rice, imitation crab meat, and some other great goodies, this bowl is spicy, colorful, and absolutely delicious.

Head over to Cooking Classy to find more super creative recipes.

Sushi Bowl

Source: thealmondeater.com

2. Teriyaki Shrimp Sushi Bowl

This teriyaki shrimp sushi bowl is perfect for anyone who isn’t too keen on eating anything raw or undercooked. The shrimp in this recipe is coated in a store bought teriyaki sauce, combined with avocados, cucumbers, and served on a bed of tender brown rice.

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Sushi Bowl

Source: foxandbriar.com

3. Salmon Sushi Bowl

From the foil-wrapped salmon to the spicy sriracha mayo, these sushi bowls are full of fun and flavor. Green onions, cucumbers, avocados, are even seaweed snacks combine beautifully with salmon in this easy recipe.

Head over to Fox and Briar to find plenty of beautiful food photography and delicious recipes.

Sushi Bowl

Source: naturallyella.com

4. Vegetarian Sushi Bowl

These bowls may be the direct opposite of what constitutes as traditional sushi, but it is absolutely amazing either way. A number of delicious, fresh veggies combine over a bed of rice and in these bowls. Full of Japanese-inspired flavors, these sushi bowls may differ from tradition but they definitely pay plenty of homage.

Naturally Ella is full of delicious, colorful vegetarian recipes.

Sushi Bowl

Source: neighborfoodblog.com

5. Spicy Tuna Sushi Bowl

If you love heat and super quick recipes, you will adore these sushi bowls. Canned tuna has never tasted so good when blended with a few other ingredients in this super quick and super delicious recipe.

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Dynamite Sushi

Source: thegirlonbloor.com

6. Shrimp Dynamite Sushi Bowl

Dynamite sushi rolls are a definite favorite of people that love sushi. These bowls have plenty of tender shrimp, scallions, avocados and more that easily come together in just about 30 minutes.

Get great recipes for every occasion at The Girl on Bloor.

sushi bowl

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