7 No-Cook Dinners For Hot Summer Nights

Summer brings many exciting visions of days at the beach, a respite from school and hopefully a vacation or two. But it also means a drastic change in weather that’s fun while you’re cooling off in the pool, but not the best climate for cooking. As you try and keep your energy costs down by running your AC as little as possible, staying cool in the kitchen can be difficult. That’s why having a bunch of no-cook dinners is vital to your summer! Instead of dreading the flip of the oven or stove (or even the BBQ because hey- it’s HOT out there!). Why not settle down to a refreshing dinner that helps you avoid heating up the kitchen with some of these no-cook dinner options?


Source: TheGardenGrazer.com

1. Southwestern Chopped Salad With Cilantro Dressing

Salads can be incredibly refreshing on a hot summer day, especially when all the ingredients are pulled right from your chilled refrigerator. Not only is this salad beautiful, with its rainbow collection of veggies, but healthy too. You won’t go to bed hungry from this flavorful and nutrient rich salad!

Head over to TheGardenGrazer.com to get the recipe for this salad, and cilantro dressing too! You’ll find tons of great veggie friendly recipes while you’re there.

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Source: AllRecipes.com

2. Mendocino Chicken Salad Wraps

If you want a little heartier “salad” you will love the Mendocino Chicken Salad from AllRecipes.com. When a recipe has 4.5 out of 5 stars on this famous site, you know it’s good! This make-ahead salad requires no cooking, especially since you can find pre-made chicken at any grocery store. Mix all the tasty ingredients and let them chill in the fridge before assembling into crisp wraps that are guaranteed to cool you down.


Source: LexisCleanKitchen.com

3. Tropical Shrimp Ceviche

Nothing says summer like some ceviche! If you love this seafood-based meal, you’ll have to try this tropical version. Packed with citrus, avocado and of course shrimp, you’ll feel like you’re resting on a beach somewhere tropical instead of sweating it out in your kitchen. This version even uses pre-cooked store bought shrimp if you’re not into the raw kind!

Head over to LexisCleanKitchen.com to get this zesty recipe, as well as other awesome tips on eating clean and healthy.


4. No Cook BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Salads are nice and all, but sometimes your family may want a little MEAT. You don’t have to forego a warm meal because you’re not turning on the stove or BBQ. RealSimple.com has a simple way to get some meat on the table, with their No Cook BBQ chicken sandwiches. Simply pick up a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, shred, cover in your fav BBQ sauce and put on a soft bun to enjoy on the patio. Dinner is served!


Source: VeggiesDontBite.com

5. Raw Zucchini Noodles & Veggies

If you haven’t heard of a zoodle yet, you’ve been living in a cage! Zoodles are noodles, made from veggies and are a much healthier option than traditional processed pasta. While I myself love a good carb, this recipe makes me want to jump on the zoodle bandwagon! This delicious meal is packed with veggies like mushrooms, broccoli, carrots and spinach and served under a raw tomato marinara that’s to die for!

Get yourself a spiralizer and then head over to VeggiesDontBite.com to get this delicious dinner recipe!


Source: TheHealthyMaven.com

6. Avocado Tuna Salad Sandwich

Sometimes you just want a good sandwich, and everything is better with avocado! This isn’t your garden variety, straight from the can tuna sandwich. It’s got tons of goodies like onion, chopped walnuts, crisp apple and of course our favorite super food, avocado! Mix all together on some thick bread for the ultimate summer sandwich.

You’ll find this healthy recipe over at TheHealthyMaven.com, along with other great ideas on healthy eats!


Source: ChelseasMessyApron.com

7. One Pot Pesto Chicken Tortellini

Alright, we’ve taken some liberties with this “no-cook” dinner! The original recipe calls for some ingredients that can easily be purchased pre-made in the grocery store to make this a stove-free meal. Follow the recipe, but purchase pre-made tortellini and chicken in the refrigerated section of your grocery store, in addition to jarred pesto sauce. You won’t know the difference, and you’ll finally get your pasta for the week!

Check out ChelseasMessyApron.com for this divine looking meal, and you’ll be sure to find other savory meals for the whole family to enjoy.

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