7 Smoothies To Get Your Mornings Started Off Right

Whether you prefer them to be filled with tons of hearty green vegetables or singing with the presence of as much fruit as possible, smoothies are a classically delicious addition or replacement to any boring breakfast. When made correctly, with the avoidance of any particularly unhealthy ingredients, smoothies can also be an amazing source of fruits, vegetables, and nutrients that can help you start your day off in the healthiest way possible.

From carrots to fresh mint, the smoothies on this list are just as delicious and refreshing as they are good for you, just try a few out for yourself.


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1. Tropical Carrot Smoothie

This tropical tasting smoothie is full of fresh chunks of mangos, strawberries, pineapple, oranges, and a healthy dose of crunchy carrots all enhanced by a base of ridiculously refreshing coconut water. The taste alone might just transport you to the nearest beach if you’re not careful.

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2. Mango Orange Banana Sunrise Smoothie

At only 157 calories per glass and completely free of any additives and sugars, this sunrise smoothie is the perfect drink to wake up to. The ripened mango, oranges, delicious bananas present in this creamy smoothie is even hearty enough to replace your regular breakfast options.

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3. Pineapple Mint Smoothie

Four ingredients (one of them being ice) is all it takes to make this refreshing tropical smoothie. Featuring chunks of fresh pineapples, chopped mint leaves this water-based smoothie is sweet, frosty and tropical enough to wake you up in the morning.

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4. Rainbow Smoothie

Aside from its cute and colorful appearance and fun name, this rainbow smoothie packs a seriously nutritious punch. Seven layers of amazing fruits and vegetables are separately pureed into their own mini smoothies and combined to create this colorful masterpiece that is so good you won’t even mind the beets.

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5. Peach Lemon Smoothie

Two zesty citrus fruits combine deliciously in this summery smoothie. Packed full of healthy vitamin C and a dash of agave nectar, this drink is perfectly simple and filling at the same time.

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6. Banana Mango Avocado Green Smoothie

This delightful smoothie may be full of great leafy greens like spinach but the presence of mango chunks, bananas, and ripened avocados keep the nutrient-rich drink sweet and delectable.

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7. Strawberries and Cream Smoothie

This thick, fruity smoothie is perfectly reminiscent of the traditional milkshake it is named after. Heaps of sweet, fresh strawberries mix with a bit of milk to create the delicious concoction.

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