8 Galaxy Desserts That Are Out Of This World

Whether you have a future astronomer in the family or just love making fun desserts, galaxy desserts are here to stay. Made with tons of black, blue and purple, these sweet treats are gorgeous and fun to make. We’ve rounded up 8 of our favorite galaxy desserts on Pinterest and hope you enjoy making each and every one!


galaxy desserts

Source: MomDot.com

1. Galaxy Bark

If you’ve ever wanted to paint your candy with pearl dust, this Galaxy bark is for you! Made with black, purple and blue candy melts, then topped with stars and pearl dust to give that “out of this world” feel, this dessert is the perfect for novice bakers!

See all the steps for whipping up your own galaxy bark at MomDot.com.

galaxy desserts

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2. Marbled Oreos

Hello easy dessert! White candy melts are melted down, and then swirled with colored chocolate before dipping your Oreos halfway in. This is the perfect last minute treat that’s for any level baker, and would be an awesome way to spend the afternoon with your future baker!

Check out the video on making this easy dessert at SprinklesForBreakfast.com.

galaxy desserts

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3. Galaxy Ice Cream

Three ingredients and your choice of food coloring is all it takes to make your own ice cream (holla!). Did you know you just need whipping cream, condensed milk and vanilla? Toss in some fun sprinkles after coloring with the vibrant colors of the night sky and enjoy!

Head to SomeOfThisAndThat.com to see the complete video and how easy it is to make your own galaxy ice cream.

Source: ABajillianRecipes.com

4. Ice Cream Sandwiches

These completely homemade, no-churn ice cream sandwiches will make your forget store-bought versions, at least for awhile. While they take some time to put together, the gorgeous coloring make this dessert whimsical and perfect for enjoying under the nighttime summer sky.

Check out the ingredients and instructions at ABajillianRecipes.com.

galaxy desserts

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5. Galaxy Brownies

These brownie bars topped a with color-swirled blondie layer make this dessert one of a kind. The gorgeous colors and fun sprinkles are reminiscent of staring into the Milky Way, and this particular recipe is actually military box friendly. So you loved ones will know you’re both staring at the same sky, no matter how far apart you are.

Find the recipe at TheMondayBox.com.

galaxy desserts

Source:  SugarSpunRun.com

6. Galaxy Cookies

Chocolate cocoa powder give these cookies the perfect backdrop for the vibrant-colored glaze on top. Made by preparing a batch of vanilla and almond extract-flavored glaze, that are swirled with gel food coloring and then dipping the cookie in, these cookies are seriously gorgeous to look at. We love that you don’t need to spend forever frosting with a spatula! Toss on some star sprinkles and be patient while you wait for the glaze to set before eating them all.

Get some majorly helpful tips at SugarSpunRun.com

galaxy desserts

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7. Galaxy Popcorn

Salty, sweet and a whole lot of color, this galaxy popcorn would be the ultimate late night snack for star gazing. Grab a bag of popcorn and then candy melts in black, blue and purple to make this totally rockin’ treat. Toss in some star sprinkles and enjoy under the night sky.

Make this a part of your family movie night like RaisingWhasians.com!

galaxy desserts

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8. Galaxy Lemonade Slushie

The secret’s in the ice cubes for this refreshing drink, that for the sake of this article, we’re calling a dessert. Because there’s nothing more satisfying at the end of a hot day than an ice cold glass of lemonade! And this lemonade is extra special because it’s made with blue pea flowers. Do a quick Google and then buy yourself some because you can’t make this gorgeous drink without them. The colors in this beverage are all natural, with no food coloring!

Head to the The FlavorBlender.com to see exactly how this beautiful drink is made.



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