8 Perfect “Mocktails” For Expecting Moms

Moms and delicious cocktails go together like peanut butter and jelly, especially on those hot summer evenings or friend-filled brunch dates. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a fruity summer cocktail or even something a little stronger when the mood hits you. For expecting mothers though, enjoying a nice cocktail is obviously out of the question, but that doesn’t mean you have to be left out of all the fun. Mocktails combine the deliciousness of traditional drinks without all of the alcohol, essentially turning them into sweet pieces of heaven. The mocktails on this list are about to give you some serious cravings.


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1. Watermelon Mojito Mocktail

Sweet and fruity watermelon and slightly tart lime juice combine in this summer-perfect ginger ale based mojito. The fresh mint leaves and chilly ice succeed in making this mocktail as awesome and refreshing as possible.

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2. Cucumber Ginger Mocktail

This classy mocktail is perfectly refreshing, lightly spiced, and delicious enough to leave you craving it all of the time. The ginger and cucumbers are made into a delicious syrup with a bit of sugar, then combined with water to make the actual mocktail. It is ridiculously simple and completely satisfying. Plus, ginger has been known to calm upset stomachs, so this is perfect for morning sickness!

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3. Blackberry Lemon Mocktail

Fresh blackberries and classic club soda turn this simple lemonade into something that is hard to get enough of. For this recipe, you can use your favorite store-bought lemonade or spice things up with your own delicious creation.

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4. Moscow Mule Mocktail

Typically, Moscow Mules are made with vodka and ginger beer, but this delicious non-alcoholic version utilizes club soda instead of alcohol to keep the delicious ginger based taste alive and the acidity from the limes as strong as ever. This Moscow Mule may be a little tame but it still has one heck of a kick.

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5. The Italian Bramble Mocktail

This fruity cocktail is just as sweet and delicious as its gorgeous image would have you believe. Delicious blackberries and juniper berries mix perfectly with lemons and sparkling water to create something completely decadent.

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6. Grapefruit and Rosemary Mocktail

People everywhere may turn their noses up at the strong, slightly sour taste of grapefruits, but this amazing mocktail shows us just how delicious it can be. Fresh grapefruit juice is mixed with a homemade rosemary infused simple syrup and a healthy dose of sparkling water to create this refreshing summer mocktail.

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7. Virgin Ginger Mimosa

No good brunch is complete without at least one mimosa and these sweet and sparkly mocktails are the perfect way to prepare yourself for a busy day. While the recipe uses sparkling water instead of sparkling wine, they’re so good that even your champagne-loving friends won’t be able to get enough.

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8. Frosted Lime-Berry Spritzer

This half-frozen mocktail is just as delicious as it is refreshing, and if you can’t take our word for it, just try it out yourself! A homemade fresh blueberry syrup and the perfect blend of sparkling water and fresh limes are all you need to create this delicious drink.

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