9 Delectable Dutch Oven Dinners

This last Christmas, I was given the gift I’d longed for for over 5 years: a dutch oven. Yes, I asked Santa for a huge pot for Christmas, and I’d been asking him for a few years. What’s the big deal you ask? Maybe it was the lure of years passing and still not getting it, but mostly I really enjoy cooking and dutch ovens can take your meals to the next level. These pots differ from your regular stock pot because they have a super tight-fitting lid and are usually made of a heavy duty material, such as ceramic or cast iron, and are meant to easily transfer from the stove top to the oven safely. Behold, the dutch oven:


There are many brands out there and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a great dutch oven that meets your needs (even though Le Creuset is usually the image that probably comes to mind when you think of one!). Once you’ve decided a dutch oven is for you, then check out these amazing dinners that will get your mouth watering!


Source: TheFoodNetwork.com

1. Easy Parmesan Risotto

If you love risotto, then you probably know it’s a cumbersome, albeit delicious, meal to make. It requires constant stirring and a lot of attention. However, The Barefoot Contessa’s version right here is going to seriously knock your socks off! I’ve personally made this dish and was completely blown away by the amazing flavor and ease of this dish. You HAVE to try it! Oh, and throw in some chicken too to make this a full meal in and of itself!

Get over to TheFoodNetwork.com right now to try this recipe for yourself!


Source: TheKitchn.com

2. Chinese No-Clay-Pot Chicken With Soy & Ginger

Baked rice is seriously delicious but can be easy to mess up, but not in a dutch oven. The beauty of that tight fitting lid is that often dishes “self-marinate” themselves as the steam created is recirculated back into your meal, keeping it moist and savory. This dish combines the tasty version of rice that’s baked with all the flavor of ginger and soy. Yum!

Check out this recipe over at TheKitchn.com, in addition to thousands of other tasty treats!


Source: ThePioneerWoman.com

3. Braised Short Ribs

Pretty much anything the Pioneer Woman does is fabulous so it goes without saying this Braised Short Ribs recipe looks to die for. I personally was a little intimidated about cooking ribs but this recipe is very straightforward and the dutch oven does all the work for you. You’ll do a little stove top sautéing and then transfer for a few hours to cook away in your oven. The result? Fall off the bone ribs that are amazing!

Check out ThePioneerWoman.com for a great step by step recipe with beautiful pictures!


4. Chicken Fricassee

If you want a great cross between a soup and a stew, then Chicken Fricassee is for you (I didn’t even TRY to rhyme!). This traditional French dish is a mixture of chicken, veggies and a creamy sauce that is great when served with a homemade bread. It’s a perfect winter dinner!

Head over to Babble.com for a wonderful version of this one pot dish.


Source: NatashasKitchen.com

5. Beef Stew

There’s nothing like a hearty stew to warm up your body and soul on a cold day. Sure, you can use a slow cooker, but your dutch oven also makes a mean stew, and in less time. And special bonus with this recipe: it uses wine AND BACON. Need I say more?

We’re pretty sure you’ll love this recipe so head over to NatashasKitchen.com for a wonderful step by step with photos!


6. Four Cheese Macaroni & Cheese

No one ever needs to convince me that mac and cheese is a dinner all by itself, and you can bet this version is going in my dutch oven, stat! When you make homemade macaroni and cheese, you undoubtedly use multiple pans: to cook the macaroni, then make the roux and then a baking dish to bake it. But not so, with the dutch oven, you can continue to use the same pot! Less dishes AND mac n’ cheese? Sign me up!

For a delicious and easy version, head over to MightyMrs.com!


Source: SteeleHouseKitchen.com

7. Chicken & Parmesan Herb Dumplings

Nothing fills your belly quite like chicken and dumplings, and this recipe uses homemade chicken stock that you won’t regret. Your dutch oven is perfect for creating the simmering stock as well as combining all you tasty ingredients, especially your dumplings. Put that tight light on and let the dumplings do their thing!

Head over to SteeleHouseKitchen.com this amazing looking recipe!


Source: TasteOfTheSouthMagazine.com

8. Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder With Lemon & Garlic

This Pork Loin spends 8-12 hours in a delicious marinade before cooking in your dutch oven with delicious seasonings and wine. I’d imagine you can’t go wrong serving this with some tasty mashed potatoes!

Check out TasteOfTheSouthMagazine.com for this recipe and other amazing Southern-inspired dishes!


Source: Blogloving.com/blogs/grandbaby-cakes

9. Lemon Roasted Chicken & Potatoes

If you love a zesty dish, this is for you. Using a whole chicken or just chicken pieces, you will still be licking your lips over this lemon flavored meal. Caramelized onions and potatoes make this dish a complete meal, and perfect for your family or guests.

Be sure to visit Blogloving.com/blogs/grandbaby-cakes for all the details on this can’t-miss recipe.

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