Arnold Schwarzenegger Announces ‘Stop Eating Meat To Save The Planet’ to the World

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the guy who delivered the line ‘you hit like a vegetarian,’ is encouraging folks to reduce their eating of meat. The governor of celebrity, former bodybuilder, and California recently made headlines when he discussed in Paris at the climate change summit and said:

“Right now folks, seven million people are dying each year. They should do something about it.”
Based on Schwarzenegger, reducing meat eating would be the easiest way to begin.

What he is saying is nothing new. Actually, several reports have reasoned that a plant-based diet is the easiest way to lessen carbon emissions and save earth. Professor of climate physics in the University of Reading, Ellie Highwood, told Newsbeat:

Arnold Schwarzenegger really has been a jolt to many.

This has prompted many to inquire if bodybuilding is not impossible on a vegetarian diet. Imagine what his answer was?

“Fortunately we understand you could get your protein source from a variety of manners, you can get it through vegetables if you’re a vegetarian. I’ve observed many body builders which are vegetarian and they get powerful and healthy.”
Really, the most powerful guy on Planet Earth is at present Patrik Baboumian, and he’s 100% vegan.

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