BAPE x Chef Nic Mooncookie Gift box

BAPE x Chef Nic Mooncookie Gift box

Japanese streetwear stalwart BAPE has teamed up with Asian celebrity Nicholas Tse on a set of collaborative mooncakes. Arriving just in time for the Mid-Autumn festival season, the mini egg custard mooncakes have been molded to take on the shape of the label’s ubiquitous Ape head. Coming in a set of two, both the mooncakes come packaged in a special case decorated in BAPE’s signature Camo outfit. For those who don’t know, Mid-Autumn festival is the celebration of the full-moon — which falls near the Autumn Equinox — the holiday is spent sharing moon-shaped cakes.
The special BAPE x Chef Nic Mooncookie Gift box will be available starting this Saturday, September 1. The drawback is these special mooncakes are not for sale; customers who spend $5,000 HKD (approximately $637 USD) or more at BAPE and BAPE Kid’s Hong Kong locations will receive the set for free.
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