Bombay Sapphire “Stir Creativity” Launch Event

Bombay Sapphire

To launch a new initiative that sees the gin brand championing exciting new artists, last week Bombay Sapphire hosted a party in Manchester’s Northern Quarter where guests were able to watch as custom murals were painted in the space by artists. The artwork followed a consistent theme of drawing inspiration and creativity from cocktail culture, with a variety of styles on show. Visitors were also invited to try their hand at customizing their own cocktail creations, with a series of edible spray paints and stencils as well as a branding iron that let visitors burn the Bombay Sapphire “Stir Creativity” slogan into lemon rinds.
Expect more from the gin distillers over the coming weeks as they dive deeper into the world of art and creativity, and be sure to check out more on the Bombay Sapphire Instagram as well.

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