Fun And Festive Easter Bread For Your Family Gathering

Easter is one of only a few times a year when entire families get the chance to sit down together and enjoy a delicious meal. Whether your family sticks to tradition by serving baked ham or has a different go-to Easter meal, this festive Easter bread will make the perfect addition to your buffet table. It looks almost too pretty to eat, but trust me, it’s so tasty you won’t want to miss a bite.

My Easter bread recipe is a family favorite. I make it every year, and every year there’s nothing but crumbs left on the plate. This bread is soft and sweet, and our tradition is to have it for Easter breakfast. I make sure I put in enough colored eggs so everyone can have one. It would also go well with baked ham if you want to save your festive-looking bread for your main Easter meal.

Easter bread

One of the best things about this recipe is that you don’t need to be a bread-making professional to get it right. The trickiest part will be braiding the bread into a long log and then curling it into a round pie plate. But even if your braid isn’t quite even, the dyed raw eggs will help cover up any mistakes and attract everyone’s attention. Besides, it tastes so good, no one will mind if your braid is a little lopsided.

Here’s my recipe for this fun Easter bread.

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