How to Make a Pizza Pocket With Matty Matheson

How to Make a Pizza Pocket With Matty Matheson

Looking to elevate an undeniable childhood favorite, chef Matty Matheson recently teamed up with MUNCHIES to make a gourmet take on pizza pockets.
Collaborating with the Vice‘s food division, the famed Canadian chef shows us just how you can enjoy the kid classic as an adult without feeling guilty. To make his adult version of the folded pizza snack, Matty stuffs spicy ‘nduja sausage and a chili-like sauce into dough pockets with plenty of fresh buffalo mozzarella. Although already great on its own, Matty complements his gourmet Pizza Pockets with a creamy blue cheese dressing studded with ribbons of Cholula.
Catch Matty Matheson run through the recipe and burn the roof of his mouth trying to eat the homemade pizza pockets above.
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