McDonald’s Introduces Triple Breakfast Stacks

McDonald's Introduces Triple Breakfast Stacks

Looking to revamp its breakfast menu, McDonald‘s recently announced its first new breakfast sandwich in five years.
With either a choice of a toasted McMuffin bun, a biscuit, or McGriddles cakes, the soon-to-be-released Triple Breakfast Stacks features a duo of hot sausage patties surrounded by melted American cheese and topped with crisp bacon and an egg. McDonald’s reportedly created the new sandwich around the demand for a more filling breakfast option and the customer creations that have spawned what many now call the “Secret Menu.” The Triple Breakfast Stacks is the latest in the fast-food chain’s push to revamp its breakfast service since launching the All Day Breakfast initiative in 2015.
Expect the Triple Breakfast Stacks to be available at McDonald’s US locations from November 1 until the end of December.
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