Mean Noodles Profile on Food and Design

Mean Noodles Profile on Food and Design

The FoodCircling back onto the topic of food, Kevin says that one of his biggest inspirations is chef Ming Tsai who he worked under at Blue Ginger. It was there that he started off as a line cook and worked at the restaurant’s Asian station where he prepared different kinds of noodles and learned cooking techniques to prepare a portion of the menu aside from stir-frying in the wok. “His cuisine is truly ‘East Meets West,’ and it’s also the name of his cooking show,” Kevin says of chef Ming Tsai.“The presentation of the food allows the diners to eat with a different form of eyes — cameras eat first.”Kevin took the experiences and knowledge from Blue Ginger and implemented the techniques and ideas into Mean Noodles. “We are not reinventing the noodles, but rather recreating our favorite noodle dishes, by utilizing a Western technique to extract the most flavors from the ingredients,” he says. When asked which dish he would create to best represent Hong Kong, he said a stir-fry dish.

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