Take a Hint At How Good This Water Taste!

Take a Hint At How Good This Water Taste

People never usually like unsweetened , flavored water. But a company out of boston called Hint, has brought a new taste around that everyone should try. Having tasted the strawberry-kiwi hint fizz, I can say this product will be a fan favorite for many. It taste extremely refreshing and yummy with out all the extra ingredients as seen in the other unsweetened brands. Also this awesome tasting water is priced reasonably at 18.00$ for 12, 16oz bottles.

hint is unsweetened flavored water that refreshes without calories, sweeteners and preservatives. hint is available in a variety of flavors such as watermelon, blackberry, crisp apple and blood orange.

we also produce a sparkling version called hint fizz, available in flavors such as grapefruit, blackberry and strawberry-kiwi.Take a Hint At How Good This Water Taste

who is hint perfect for?

well, anyone really, but we’ve been told (by you!)  it’s really great for people who:

  • don’t like the taste of plain water, but value health
  • are trying to give up soda or diet soda
  • don’t drink diet soda or soda, but want a “treat”
  • are pregnant or nursing and don’t want sugar or diet sweeteners in their body
  • have diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • have gastrointestinal issues
  • have had gastric bypass or other weight-loss surgeries

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