This Homemade Rye Stuffing Is Perfect For Pot Roast

When most people think of stuffing, they instantly think, “Thanksgiving!” Sure, it’s true that stuffing is synonymous with turkey day, but you don’t need to save this yummy side dish for that one day.

Stuffing goes great with a long list of meat entrees. I love to make it with my pork roast, and rye stuffing in particular is a family favorite in my home.

rye stuffing

Using rye bread for stuffing gives the dish a good earthy taste, and it’s generally a healthier option than using plain old white bread. There are several different kinds of rye bread out there, but choosing between the European style of rye or the American style isn’t as important as choosing between fresh bread and stale bread.

Stale bread is always the better choice when it comes to making stuffing. You want your bread to be as dry as possible to give your stuffing that perfect texture that sends people for seconds. 

This golden rule is perfect for when you have a loaf of bread going stale in the bread box and not enough time (or willing eaters) to use it all up before it’s no longer good for your favorite sandwiches.

Instead of throwing it away and wasting the rest of that day old bread, you can recycle your stale rye bread and make a delicious rye stuffing to go perfectly with a pot roast or even ham.

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