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Every X-Men Ever

last year

Last year IGN went through a list of about every X-Men since the 1960’s and they did a awesome job doing so. Through the video above you can view most of the X-men you love today and where their origin began.

Snowboarding in New York City During the Blizzard Goes Viral

last year

Casey Neistat (youtuber) went snowboarding for the very first time on the roads of New York City and together with the blizzard only having strike NYC again, what better thing to do than to get our the snowboard again. You can see Casey snowboard Time Square and other NYC landmarks while getting props for it […]

Cuddling With a Cow Has Never Been More Fantastic

last year

In an attempt to let people see the empathy you could have between you and your cow. This lovely creature was saved from going to a slaughter house. Vegan or not you can’t lie that this is absolutely cute. Vegans win on this video, the cuteness might just change your mind about eating anymore meat. […]

Watch Cats in Monkey Suits 2016

a couple of years ago

Watch these adorable Cats in Monkey Suits! Its 2016 and the year has started off just as strange as we thought. Seem’s like a new craze is sweeping the nation. It involves two of everyone’s favorite types of animal, Cats and monkeys. In the video above you view cats in monkey suits being fed bananas. […]

Most Popular Twitter Hashtags of 2015 are revealed

a couple of years ago

Twitter unveils the year’s most popular hashtags.Breaking down the top tendencies into groups that were authoritative, the social networking program also took the time to revisit the most powerful hashtags, including #JeSuisCharlie #PrayForParis, #BlackLivesMatter, #LoveWins, #RefugeesWelcome and more of 2015. New voices enrolled to the program comprise Diana Ross, Caitlyn Jenner, Adrien Brody, Melissa McCarthy, […]

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